A review of Mockingjay audiobook by Suzanne Collins

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Mockingjay: The Final Book of The Hunger Games

Written by: Suzanne Collins

Narrated by: Carolyn McCormick

Length: 11 hrs and 43 mins

Series: Hunger Games, Book 3

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: 08-24-10

Publisher: Scholastic Audio

Despite everything being against her, Katniss Everdeen survived the hunger games, again. This time, though, she had a bit of help. Because the 75th anual hunger games were winding down, full-scale revolution broke over the impoverished districts, and Katniss was taken away from the arena. Her defiant actions inside the arena spoke to the people, and influenced them in such a way she could never have imagined. Currently, like it or not, she is just the figurehead of the revolution; her mockingjay a symbol of a brighter future and freedom for the oppressed.

Katniss quickly finds out that the rebellion has been headquartered inside District 13, long viewed as uninhabitable following being bombed to pieces by the Capital throughout the first rebellion decades before. No one realized that District 13 had been still well, quietly coaching recruits and also stockpiling supplies for the next uprising, when the time was right. Thanks to Katnis Everdeen, that is right now.

The rebels little by little push onward, forcing the Capital City peacekeepers outside the districts, however it doesn’t take long for Katniss to get tired being just the face for the revolution. Boosting the troops’moral and making visits to the wounded are just not her style; she wants to actually fight.

When it’s finally time to launch the attack at the Capital itself, Katniss eventually sees her chance. Her PR team decides to make an armed service squad from former Hunger Games survivors, and send them in to the Capital, far from the front lines naturally. Unfortunately things don’t go as planned when Katniss and her squad members walk right into a trap. That is just the opportunity Katniss needs, the opportunity to get President Snow, the man who’s been yanking the strings of her life, and the lives of her family members, for far too long. It’s time for payback!

Suzanne Collins proves to be a very proficient writer. The word that comes up in my mind as I’m trying to describe her writing style is “sneaky”. Let me elaborate. You may be reading along enjoying the story, convinced that there isn’t much taking place, and then Boom! You suddenly realize that you are knee-deep within an exciting and clever plot.

After listening to Mockingjay, I can say that Collins isn’t an expert on battle strategies, but that doesn’t make any difference. She is amazingly good at describing the range of feelings her characters experience in different situations.

Suzanne Collins her writing career in 1991 writing for children TV programs, including the Nickelodeon series ‘Clarissa Explains It All’. She was chosen for one of Time Magazine’s most of influential people of 2010.

Carolyn McCormick did a very good job with narrating Mockingjay and the entire Hunger Games trilogy. She reads with a great deal of feeling which helped me to relate and sympathize with the protagonists. I admit, I was doubtful about her to begin with, but her performance definitely turned me around. I loved the Hunger Games trilogy! I highly recommend you to get these audiobooks as soon as possible! You’ll not be disappointed!

Here’s the book trailer for the Mockingjay audiobook to get you pumped up:

Mockingjay Audiobook (Hunger Games Series)
After listening to Mockingjay, I can say that Collins isn't an expert on battle strategies, but that doesn't make any difference. She is amazingly good at describing the range of feelings her characters experience in different situations.
5 / 5 stars

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