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A Little Short for an Alien by Frances Pauli (Audiobook Review)

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Audiobook Jungle readers can get a free copy of A Little Short For An Alien or any other audiobook when they sign up for an Audible account. Click the image to get your free audiobook.

A Little Short for an Alien

Written by: Frances Pauli

Narrated by: Eric Vincent

Length: 3 hrs and 17 mins

Format: Unabridged

Release Date:03-28-13

Publisher: Frances Pauli

I really enjoyed this little collection of short sci-fi stories. They were fun and entertaining – perfect to just relax a little bit and have a good chuckle. Let’s see what’s in the box:

Story #1: Braided

Lieutenant Commander Roe is stuck. Literary stuck in a very embarrassing way – his braids getting caught in an automatic door. He tries to act all cool while help is on the way but of course things have to get worse so Commander Diela, whom Roe has a crush on, appears and starts flirting with him. I have to say, I don’t think I’ve heard the word ‘laser’ to be used in such an erotic way, ha-ha! Really nice story to start off the book, combining space jelly-fish, hair braids, promotions and lasers in a fun little quick story.

Story #2: Escape from Damas Prime

Rook is on a visit at his brother’s home when Tool drops some information on him involving his recent breeding aproval. In return Rook tells him that he’ll be meeting with a Progressive Thinker or as some call them – radicals. The race to which these individuals belong had some peculiar breeding ways and life customs. It almost sounded like they weren’t biological but machine intelligences. The story’s end was left open for new and exciting adventures with Rook.

Story #3: Sector Seven

Ah, the joys of the night shift. Dylan is the only employee on the whole floor at this late hour and as usual there’s literary nothing to do. That is until a giant bear-like alien creature stomps in his department. Hilarity ensues. This one made me chuckle and everyone who has worked the night shift will have no trouble relating with Dylan.

Story #4: A Brief Interruption

Captain Jules likes to play games and hates it when he’s interrupted. He’s instructed the ship AI to bother him only if there’s imminent danger for the ship. Lets just say that his gaming will be disrupted by a very unusual guest. I enjoyed the humor here and the AI’s witty personality.

Story #5: Tri-copier 6000OT

We’re back at the story-line from #3 with Dylan at the Alien-Human Relations Department. The mail has arrived but they’ve delivered it to the wrong department, again. Along with the mail, there’s a package. What Dylan finds inside makes for another weird night shift at the H22-J231 Space Station. This was probably my favorite story from the bunch – no piece and quiet for Dylan. 😀

Story #6: Alien Embrace

When Jo Lorey is contracted by a mining company to help in communication with newly found species on a unexplored planet, she’s not quite sure how her abilities as a musician are going to be of any help. Soon enough she finds herself in the middle of corporate interests, a love triangle and the future of a whole alien species. This one was little bit longer but also very enjoyable and atmospheric. It was a great fit for the set and a proper way to end this amazing collection of sci-fi short stories by Frances Pauli.

Narration: The material lends itself very well to the audio format, as I’ve found that’s often the case with short stories. Eric Vincent was very good and a real joy to listen to.

I’d liked it if the book was longer, featuring more stories. It’s a little over 3 hours long with just six stories, so maybe including six more would have made an even nicer set of 12. Anyway, it’s worth getting for sure and I’ll certainly be looking for some more works of Frances Pauli.

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