Hi there!

My name is Mihail (you can call me Mike) and Audiobook Jungle is my website where I post audiobook reviews. English isn’t my native language so if something sounds kinda weird when you’re reading my posts that’s why. 😀

I’m very passionate about the books I read and would love to share my thoughts about them with the world. Hopefully, that will help someone pick up their next favourite audiobook!

About this blog

What I want for this blog is to be a unique and invaluable resource. I want when somebody online asks if an audiobook is worth getting, people to point them to this blog and the reviews here.

If you’d like to suggest an audiobook I should read or to submit your guest review, drop me a line! My email is audiobookjungle at gmail.com.


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Hi Libby,

I don’t have an official policy, but I prefer to post the reviews only on my blog.