At Home by Bill Bryson Audiobook Review

Today at Audiobook Jungle we have our first guest review, written by Graham Kerr which will be about At Home by Bill Bryson. You can find what Graham’s up to at his Tumblr blog at

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“I don’t know how many hours of my school years were spent studying the Missouri Compromise or the War of the Roses, but it was vastly more than I was ever encouraged or allowed to give to the history of eating, sleeping, having sex, or endeavouring to be amused.”
Bill Bryson – At Home

Bryson finally has his wish to spend time studying the history of these things and the results make for an enticing read. Indeed, if someone had offered me money to listen to a man talk about rooms and objects in his house for 17 hours I would have, without doubt, refused. Unless they told me that this man was Bill Bryson. Now that my friends is an altogether different proposition. I’ve read all of Bryson’s works, from his early escapades with the English language through living and travelling around Britain, North America and an adventure down under.

He returned to tackle things that interest him and with such an inquisitive mind, and a witty way with words and anecdotes, things that will probably interest everyone. This was his second narrative non-fiction after A Short History of Nearly Everything and although in that other epic tale he tried to tackle everything that ever happened outside of the home, in this one he tackles everything that ever came to be inside of it.

If you’ve ever wondered why we have salt and pepper on a dinner table, where the board comes from in room and board, or why a cabinet can be a piece of furniture or a group of politicians, this book will certainly be for you.

Delivered by Bryson himself in his fatherly, Anglo-American accent, this audio-book is well worth picking up if you’re a fan of architecture, gardening, history, furniture, food, sociology, a whole host of other subjects or if like me you’re just a fan of Bryson.

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