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Crime and Punishment Audiobook Review

Crime and Punishment Audiobook Review
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Crime and Punishment

Written by: Fyodor Dostoyevsky

Narrated by: Anthony Heald

Length: 20 hours and 29 minutes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: December 17, 2007

Publisher: Blackstone Audio, Inc.

Throughout the years, people have been able to discover crucial lessons in various forms of media. There is no doubt that novels can educate the reader greatly. They’re filled with moral lessons, as well as historical accuracies. This combination can provide current society with a great deal of insight into the future and their own lives. Although several novels would fit into this category perfectly, there is no denying that Fyodor Dostoyevsky’s Crime and Punishment is one of the best examples. It will provide the reader with an insightful and intimate look into the life of a man, who is financially broke and desperate. 

Now, the reader has an alternative. A 20 hour-long audiobook was released in 2007. Anthony Heald narrates it. Is this the very best version of the book? You will find out the truth below!

The Narration

The majority of audiobook fanatics have likely never heard of Anthony Heald, but this is all about to change! First, you should know that Anthony is unafraid of taking on lengthy projects. He helped narrate the 40-hour novel, Shadow Country: A New Rendering of the Watson Legend, as well as the The Complete Stories of Anton Chekhov in two volumes, totaling over 20 hours, plus countless Star Wars inspired audiobooks. And here, we have a 20-hour gem. Although the audiobook is lengthy, Anthony has the ability to navigate the pages like a true professional. His stamina is something to be admired!

It should be known that some of Dostoyevsky’s works are frequently classified as longwinded. This is ultimately a personal determination and has nothing to do with the ability of the narrator, who does an excellent job with the book’s pacing. He manages to maintain a refreshing and exciting pace throughout the book. Anthony’s accent might be a little awkward at first, but it really turns into a delight. In fact, it lends more credence to the bleakness of the book’s entirety. When the tale’s protagonist, Rodion Raskolnikov, is down in the dumps, the listener will be able to feel it in their bones.

One of the most admirable features of Heald’s performance is his ability to give life to the story’s characters. He adds a clever accent and speeds up the vocals slightly. This helps to keep the listener on their toes and informs them that dialogue is being read. Anthony’s ability to bring the listener into the story is fantastic and helps to make everything seem realistic and current. If you’re not careful, you might find yourself speaking back to Rodion!

The unabridged audiobook is over 20 hours long. This isn’t drug out or an attempt to lengthen the tale. Heald paces it perfectly and keeps the listener on track throughout. The 20 hours is justified and well worth it, when the final conclusion unfolds. The audio quality is absolutely superb throughout the audiobook’s entirety. The entire 20 hours and 29 minutes were entirely unblemished and the listener will be able to clearly understand and hear the narrator, without difficulty, at all times.

Heald’s best work comes when Rodion is speaking about his crime. He also does a wonderful job expressing Rodion’s remorse for his actions. These portions alone speak volumes for Heald’s astounding abilities. In the end, the narration of the book is great and helps to make the audiobook one of the best versions of Crime and Punishment to date!

The Inability To Differentiate Between A Dream And Reality

Fyodor Dostoyevsky, a Russian novelist released his second novel, Crime and Punishment in 1866. While Fyodor spent most of his time gambling away his fortune, until he died a broke man in 1864. Fyodor’s experience with being addicted to gambling and his inability to control his urges is probably how he came up with the idea for this extraordinary novel.

Dostoyevsky focuses his attention on the Rodion Raskolnikov, who was a school drop out with no money. While Fyodor shows Rodion is a positive light, since he refuses to accept help from his friends and family, he was still willing to show the world that he was willing to murder to get the money that he needed to survive.

One twist to the story is that Rodion’s desire to kill the pawnbroker was due to his premonition and overpowering urges that were hidden deep down in his soul. Dostoyevsky goes on to explain the murder in detail, so that the reader would have a real understanding of the traumatic event. Unfortunately the plan did not play out like Rodion had hoped, since he did not touch the pawnbroker’s wealth.

Was Fyodor trying to envelop his own personal feelings for himself in Rodion? He was most likely trying to open up about his conflicts and disgust surrounding his own lifestyle. He obviously was unable to control his gambling addiction, which lead him to total financial failure. As a reader, you may question Fyodor’s reasoning for the murder plot. When one is so broken that they cannot afford a decent meal, they may be willing to commit murder.

Everyone that has faced financial difficulty has taken the time to look around at others. It is a possibility that Fyodor was speaking of someone that he knew in real life that was rich, rude, and unworthy of their fortune, which is why he created the pawnbroker character. On one hand you can see Rodion as a vicious murderer, but on the other you will see him in a surprisingly warm and compassionate manner.


If you are a lover of fictional novels that represent a powerful event that may potentially have taken place in the author’s life, you should definitely take the time to listen to Crime and Punishment. Fyodor will take you on a journey that takes many twists and turns. If you are willing to look outside of the box, you will discover that Fyodor has secretly opened up his life to all of his readers.

Anthony Heald narrates the Crime and Punishment beautifully. He brings out the surprisingly murder and events surrounding the tale of Raskolnikov in way that no one else could.

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