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Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse… One Beer at a Time (Audiobook Review)

Dead Drunk
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Dead Drunk: Surviving the Zombie Apocalypse

Written by: Richard Johnson

Narrated by: Neil Hellegers

Length: 6 hrs and 4 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: 11-14-13

Publisher: Richard D. Johnson

Apparently, I’m on a zombie streak this month with yet another zombie apocalypse audiobook. Dead Drunk seemed to be a promising zombie novel that doesn’t take itself too seriously which is very refreshing considering the generally morbid and depressing nature of the post-apocalyptic genre. Johnson’s prose flowed very well which made the audiobook listening experience quite enjoyable. The character differentiation was done quite clearly by Neil Hellegers with a few noteworthy performances like the old redneck Uncle Russ, for example. Gotta have a good hillbilly character in a zombie novel!

Neil Hellegers seemed to handle gender and age variations with no difficulty, easily throwing in different accents when he had to. By itself, Dead Drunk is a pretty cool book and Neil Hellegers only improves it with his performance so even if you’ve read it already you’d get a kick out of listening to the audiobook version. The story just gets so much more fun when you can actually hear all the dick jokes!

I found the audiobook to be well produced which is nice, keeping in mind it’s done by a small publisher. The pacing was even and flowed well with the plot so the six hours flew by before I knew it. Technically speaking there were no obvious flaws with sound levels staying at an even rate and no jarring edits or cuts. The audiobook is unabridged, so you’re getting the whole zombie infested, alcohol infused thing directly in your ears.

Overall, this was pretty typical zombie book that has quite a few things going for it. Good, albeit somewhat brash humor, excellent narration, some tear-jerking moments and a nicely tied up plot line. I’m giving it 5 stars because it made me laugh a couple of times and was a blast to listen!

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I listened to this when it came out in 2013 and while it had some good things going for it as you said, it just didn’t strike me as amazing. Still, a nice break from all the zombie novels that are basically the same thing. It was a solid 3/5 for me.

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