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Divergent by Veronica Roth Audiobook Review

Divergent by Veronica Roth Audiobook Review
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Written by: Veronica Roth

Narrated by: Emma Galvin

Length: 11 hours and 11 minutes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: May 3, 2011

Publisher: Harper Audio

A dystopian future version of Chicago is Beatrice Prior’s world where society is divided into five factions. Each one of them is dedicated to cultivating a specific virtue. There is the Candor faction which cultivates honesty, Abnegation which revolves around selflessness, Dauntless for bravery, Amity for peace and Erudite which cultivates intelligence. Every year there is an appointed day where all teens aged sixteen select the faction they want to devote all their lives to. Beatrice is torn between staying with her beloved family or breaking out and being herself and unfortunately she cannot have both. The choice that she makes surprises everyone around her including herself!

The day of the test has arrived and Beatrice is faced with a simulation test that will help her choose the faction she is most suited for. Amazingly, she seems to have the powers to manipulate the simulations hence her results remain inconclusive. She nonetheless chooses Dauntless as her faction even with the constant warnings from her test administrator not to hide her gift. She changes her name to Tris to start over. As it would turn out, choosing the faction Dauntless does not give her the liberty to stay there, she and other recruits have to go through strenuous training and tests to confirm that they really belong there. Failing means being without a faction, which is a situation nobody wants to find themselves in.

Tris, together with her fellow Dauntless faction trainees have to go through endurance tests involving extreme physical stress and intense psychological simulations, some of which have devastating consequences. It is an initiation that transforms all of them and Tris finds herself in a situation where she has to determine who her true friends are and where romance fits into the life she has chosen. She is forced to prove herself at the same time she is trying very hard not to fall for the hot instructor Four who seems very mysterious. As if this is not enough of a challenge she has to fight to hide her powers or the secret which she eventually finds out can help her save her loved ones or be the end of her.

Emma Galvin really does this audiobook justice in the way that she narrates it. She actually has a very good audiobook narration reputation and you know that what you’re getting won’t be anything less than professional. She has an easy time bringing Tris to life and also manages to separate the rest of the characters pretty well for the listeners by giving them recognizable voices the listeners can relate with. She also manages to bring out the hardcore and ruthless nature of the Dauntless members and you will just love how Tris manages to break the shell of an insecure timid and shy girl into a no nonsense young woman determined to prove herself and at the same time save the people she cares about and loves.

Emma’s performance makes the fear landscapes extra vivid – images that set you right into the action. They are just so well detailed that you can visualize the entire thing taking place. Roth manages to include plenty of turns and twists to the story that it is hard to tell what will take place next and Emma Galvin’s narration builds the suspense even futher, making the Divergent audiobook even more interesting. Listeners can also picture the steadily growing relationship between Tris and Four.

Audiobook quality
The audio quality of the book is super nice because Emma Galvin knows how to project her voice and according to the scene. Any listener will definitely have an easy time understanding what she is saying. The audio quality is good enough to be enjoyed from any audio source, either on the go or at home.

The book is 487 pages long which translates into 11 hours and 11 minutes audiobook length. The narrator takes her time taking listeners through the different phases and has a way of ensuring that every chapter flows and fits into the next so you have an easy time following the story all the way to the end. The plot of the audiobook is definitely worth the length and you can be sure of nothing but the most pleasant 11 hours of listening to a thrilling adventurous story that gets better and better.

This audiobook does not have much interruption and the breaks are done professionally to let the suspense sink in. All parts are done with precision and this coupled with the good narrator makes the audiobook high in quality. You definitely will have a pleasant time listening from beginning to end.

Whether you are a dystopian fan or not, the Divergent audiobook is one you can be sure to enjoy. It is actually highly recommended even for those who have had no time to read the book because no single detail of the book is left out in the audiobook. Every character fits into the roles they are given in the book that even the villains turn out to be the kind you can’t make up your mind whether to hate, fear or be awed with their evilness. The twists and turns are just so exciting you will not really know how to react as you continue listening to the unfolding story of Tris.

You might have issues differentiating the factions in the beginning and hence you might need to write them down for reference but it gets easier as you move along. I guarantee that what you will love the most in the audiobook is the bad-ass Tris turns into by the end!

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