Audio books for iPhone and iPad

headphones-and-books-smallHow I Listen to Audiobooks on the iPhone

Listening to audio books for iPhone and iPad is probably one of the best things that happens to me during an average day. I remember the first time when I tried Audible and saw that they have and iPhone app. I was like, oh cool, I can listen on my phone while doing stuff. Installed it from the app store, and in under a minute I was in my account, downloading audiobooks I wanted to listen to.

I find it very convenient when I’m listening to an audiobook on the iPhone and I have to leave the house – I don’t have to stop reading. The iPhone app syncs up with my car stereo and it seamlessly just keeps playing. When I get out of the car, it sees that and switches to my earphones and I don’t miss a word of the book! It’s just so much easier and I can actually read more books like this than usual – a few minutes here and there ads up through the day. Few days later and just like that, I’m suddenly done with more than half of the audiobook!

Those hours I wasted every day while driving are now full of new great things I can learn or laugh at. Also, it’s safe – my hands stay on the wheel, my eyes are on the road.

Downloading audio books for iPad

When the day is over and I’m relaxing in my easy chair, I just pick up my iPad and continue listening where I left of earlier. The only problem is often I fall asleep! 😀 So to prevent the audiobook from just going on all night I enable the sleep mode and if I nod off, it automatically stops playing after a certain time period.

Boring workouts at the gym are now a time that I can brush up on a foreign language, listen to a cool biography or enjoy my favorite sci-fi and fantasy novels. Running in the park is definitely more fun with an audiobook. Except when I enjoy it too much and start grinning or laugh out loud and people look at me funny. 😀

If you fly often, you know how boring and downright soul-crushing long flights can be. You don’t have enough leg space, the guy next to you is snoring loudly, the toddler one row away from you doesn’t stop crying and you just want to jump of the plane. Or you could listen to an audiobook  on your iPhone or iPad and loose yourself in a good story for hours. Before you know it, the plane will be landing at your destination. That’s my experience at least…

How to play audiobooks on iPhone and iPad

Now I’m never out of reading material – I can download audiobooks directly on the iPad or iPhone through the app via a Wi-Fi connection and start reading immediately. This new functionality made my iPhone the perfect companion during commuting, shopping, exercising or just chilling at home after a hard day.

Everybody could start downloading audiobooks in their iPhone right now – just sign up for a free account by clicking the banner on the left and then get the iPhone or iPad app.