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Haunted Louisiana Audiobook Review

Haunted Louisiana Audiobook Review: Ghost Stories and Paranormal Activity from the State of Louisiana (Haunted States Series)  By Sarah Ashley, Narrated by Elizabeth J. Taylor
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Haunted Louisiana: Ghost Stories and Paranormal Activity from the State of Louisiana (Haunted States Series)

Written by: Sarah Ashley

Narrated by: Elizabeth J. Taylor

Length: 2 hrs and 12 mins

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: 07-12-13

Publisher: D & D Publishing

I personally don’t believe in ghosts and never have seen one or know anybody who has. That said I enjoy a good scary story and even the occasional horror film. If done right ghosts can be very scary even though they’re invisible. In fact, maybe they’re so scary because they’re invisible. We humans like to see things, it’s how we perceive the world. The possibility that there’re creatures in it that we can’t see but they can see and hurt us is understandably blood-chilling. So, of course when I saw Haunted Louisiana I was intrigued. Calling it a novel may be a little bit of a stretch as it is a little over two hours long – a novelette, maybe?

Anyway, Sarah Ashley is a new author for me and I didn’t know what to expect, which is a pity because I would’ve known to avoid it. The book is written in a first-person investigation kind of style which is supposed to make it feel more real. I can’t decide if it was the narration or just that scary ‘real’ ghost stories don’t translate well into audiobook form, but somehow it wasn’t convincing enough. The narrator’s performance really distracted me from the story. It’s like she tried to emphasis every single word. I’ve been more scared from fictional works, to be honest. Alan Cumming’s performance in Dracula comes to mind.

Otherwise, it’s a good enough ghost story to kill a couple of hours but as I said, it’s brought down by a subpar narration. I recommend you to listen to the sample before buying and if it doesn’t put you off, it’s a decent short piece of entertainment if you’re into ghosts. Still, nothing to write home about in my opinion, and generally you’re not missing out if you pass on this one.

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