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Moby Dick by Herman Melville Audiobook Review

Moby Dick by Herman Melville Audiobook Review
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Moby Dick

Written by: Herman Melville

Narrated by: Frank Muller

Length: 21 hours and 20 minutes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: October 27, 2008

Publisher: Recorded Books

Throughout the years, some amazing novels have captured the imaginations of children and adults all around the world. Although there many that are imaginative and captivating, few can match the excitement of Herman Melville’s Moby Dick! This truly adventurous novel might be lengthy, but it can hold the reader’s attention, until the final confrontation! The story has a little something for everyone. It is somewhat of a romance, a realistic look at whaling and a true dramatic exemplification of a heroic conflict. The spirited tale is part humor and part odyssey, as Ishmael and his merry men go on a dangerous hunt for the legendary Moby Dick.

Over the years, Moby Dick has been adapted into various films and has also inspired many others. Although it was initial a major failure, it has become one of the top grossing books of all time. This is no coincidence. The book is wonderful, but the latest audiobook, which is narrated by Frank Muller, might even be better! Why? You will find out below!

The Narration

Before going any further, it is essential to take the time to evaluate Frank Muller’s performance. Without an excellent vocal performance, an audiobook wouldn’t be a good replacement to the novel. Have no fear, because Frank Muller is a true professional, who has successfully narrated many other successful novels, including those from Stephen King, John Grisham and Erich Maria Remarque. His adaptation of All Quiet on the Western Front is a wonderful example of Frank’s abilities. Of course, his work on Moby-Dick might even be better.

Right from the opening line, which has become so famous and is frequently repeated in pop culture, Frank Muller shows his ability to set the mood and atmosphere. His professional, calm demeanor really shows through and takes the listener back in time. It also helps to exemplify Frank’s astounding range. At this point, it is clear that Frank has the chops and abilities to successfully narrate almost any theme and character.

When looking at the length of the book, which is nearly seven hundred pages, it is safe to say that most people won’t have the time or patience to sit through it. This is why the audiobook is recommended. The audiobook is very lengthy and over 21 hours long, but it doesn’t get bogged down in all of the details. Frank’s tone and enthusiasm is contagious and ultimately keeps the audience pinned to their seats throughout. Be warned! Once you’ve hit the play button, you will be forced to fight with your inner self to shut to it off! The quirky cast of characters and Muller’s amazing portrayal of each helps to keep the story interesting and humorous.

Despite being over 21 hours, the Moby Book audiobook never drags out unnecessarily. Frank manages to keep the pace on track throughout. He never slows down for unnecessary reasons, but he does give the listener enough time to soak in important details, which is refreshing. Also, Muller’s ability to maintain his tone throughout the book is fantastic. As far as the audio quality goes, there were no noticeable blemishes. It was easy to understand the narrator and all of his quirky accents were clearly delivered and well received.

A Tragic Vengeful Adventure Of Fantasy

Herman Melville brings to light a tale of mystery, revenge, and tragedy. Melville focuses his attention on the sailor, Ishmael and his journey to find the great whale, Moby Dick. The American author died thinking that his novel was a complete failure, since it was out of print, but in October of 1851 it was published under the title “The Whale”.

In order to give Melville create for his amazing novel, the title was finally changed to Moby-Dick in November of 1851. Melville incorporated the story of Jonah and Elijah into the novel, along with a zoological classification of the whale. It appears that Melville is trying to show the reader that the inability to grasp reality can be partially blamed on misunderstanding and poor visibility.

You must use your imagination through this story, in order to understand its purpose. It also brings to light how everyone that witnesses an event will see it differently. Of course, it is important to realize that perception is a way of shaping what truly exists, but only how one sees it. A scene in the novel, which shows how Ishmael is afraid of Queequeq, when he first meets him this is mainly due to his appearance and tattooed body. As you can see, Melville is trying to say that many individuals will judge someone instantly based on their skin color and appearance. This is a true, but sad fact that has carried forward into the 21st Century.

Although slavery is rarely mentioned in Moby Dick, it was an issue that brought much attention in the United States during the 18th Century, which makes one question Melville’s motives of using black characters. The whale may be representative of the British Empire, since they forcefully took possession of American lands during the Colonial Era.

This timeless novel is great for children and adults. It will definitely take you on a journey that you will never forget.


When it comes down to it, Moby Dick is a timeless classic, which could easily be passed down through the generations. The story is fun and exciting, while the characters are quirky and humorous. Of course, the story is much more than that. It also holds some value and lessons, which will definitely be passed onto the listener. If you don’t have the time and patience to sit down and read the lengthy book, you should not fear! Frank Muller’s audiobook is the better option and can be enjoyed wherever you may go!

He takes the timeless tale, revamps it and puts a current spin on it, without altering its authenticity. For that, this is likely the best version of the tale currently available. Be sure to check it out today and you’ll be grateful that you did!

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