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Audiobook Review: Gravity Pulls Through by James Hitchins

Gravity Pulls Through Audiobook Review

written by James Hitchins, music by Alvine Spetz, narrated by Keith Allen

Gravity Pulls Through by James Hitchins and Alvine Spetz, narrated by Keith Allen

I love short fiction and especially short sci-fi stories! When done right they’re so powerful and engaging and just make you think! Gravity Pulls Through is such a story for me. It’s very well written with some witty dialogue and complemented by some (a little weird) music by Alvin Spetz which makes it so much more unique. I don’t think I’ve encountered another audiobook that has short song breaks throughout the story. I found it a little strange at first but the more I think of it, the more I like the idea. I don’t know if I’d prefer my novels that way, but for the short story format it certainly works well.