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9 Fascinating History Audiobooks That Everyone Should Read

Honestly, I didn’t like history at school. It was boring, every lesson seemed endless and full of numerous dates and names to remember. It’s probably my own fault but it’s also true that the teacher didn’t put much effort into presenting the material in a more interesting and engaging fashion.

It’s only recently that I discovered that hey, those boring things I was forced to listen to are actually quite interesting. Almost always when I stumble upon a Wikipedia article about some historical event it will suck me in and I’ll read all of it. Maybe they’re just well written but if I didn’t have to do anything else I could sit there all day clicking on links, digging deeper and looking at old photos from the respective time period (if there are any).

What better way to enjoy the history of the world than in audiobook form! One just can’t have enough Audible credits to get all the history audiobooks he wants, and oh, boy are there some amazing ones. I figure, this post may be useful and interesting to all the hardcore history buffs out there as well as people like me with newly discovered interest in the subject. So here are 9 history audiobooks handpicked by me. Enjoy!

1. John Adams, ABRIDGED, by David McCullough, Narrated by Edward Herrmann
John Adams, ABRIDGED, by David McCullough, Narrated by Edward HerrmannThis is history on a grand scale — a book about politics and war and social issues, but also about human nature, love, religious faith, virtue, ambition, friendship and betrayal, and the far-reaching consequences of noble ideas. Above all, John Adams is an enthralling, often surprising story of one of the most important and fascinating Americans who ever lived. Get your copy: John Adams