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A Hauntingly Beautiful Novel: The Help Audiobook Review

The Help Audiobook Review
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The Help

Written by: Kathryn Stockett

Narrated by: Jenna Lamia, Bahni Turpin, Octavia Spencer, Cassandra Campbell

Length: 18 hours and 19 minutes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: March 2, 2010

Publisher: Penguin Audio

Many individuals choose reading as a hobby, because it allows them to left their mind drift to the unknown, whereas they would not have possibly been able to travel, by any other means. Reading can fulfill an individual’s needs and satisfy their soul. Not only can you get pulled into the story, but if you allow yourself, you will become one of the characters.

The Help is an exceptional narration that is quite lengthy, but that does mean that the author chose to drag to story out, just to hold the readers’ attention for longer. The story is filled with extraordinary characters that have a special way about them and the narrators have the power to allow each reader to draw his/her own conclusion.

The Narration
The narration team is comprised of reputable narrators that hold many remarkable capabilities. Jenna Lamia just recently completed the Purity novel narration, where she joined several other narrators to bring the story to light. She is well-known for presenting her character in a special manner that many narrators have difficulty managing.

Bhani Turpin’s reputable history cannot be ignored, as well. She recently completed the narration of the novel Naughtier than Nice, which turned out to be a huge success. Octavia Spencer is no different than the others, because she possesses the ability to bring her character to life, as well as pull the listener into the story.

Last but not least is the fabulous Cassandra Campbell. She recently completed The Bullet novel narration, which unsurprisingly to those that is familiar with her work turned out to be a huge achievement. She continues triumphing her way toward a very favorable outcome.

While many skeptics may classify this audiobook as being longwinded, this is definitely far from the truth. It genuinely takes over 18 hours to tell each character’s story in a way that makes them look plausible and human. If anything was left out of this novel, it would not have been a success and what a shame that would have been for everyone.

It is astonishing how one can become so wrapped up into the lives of the characters. While this is far from being a bad thing and in fact it is so wonderful that it will hit the reader very expectedly. Do not be shocked, if you end up being so drawn into the story line that you will be able to envision yourself sitting at the dining room table in Jackson, Mississippi.

About The Book

Over the years, a handful of books have been able to make their readers better individuals. To Kill a Mockingbird and The Help would certainly fall into that category. With the 2009 book, The Help, Kathryn Stockett, has managed to craft a tale, which can open the reader’s eyes and pierce their heart. The story revolves around a group of African-American maids in 1960s Jackson, Mississippi. These women work as maids in a white household, which puts them face to face with racism and discrimination each and every day.

In the past few years, the novel has managed to sell over five million copies and this is no coincidence. The gripping tale is undoubtedly heartbreaking, bleak and uplifting, at the same time. When experiencing The Help, the listener will be transported back into the Old South and will experience the hardships of African-Americans, during the history of our nation. Although the book has ultimately become a modern classic, it originally didn’t seem fathomable.

Much like the women in the tale, various literary agents originally rejected Stockett’s novel repeatedly. The courageous Susan Ramer took a gamble on the novel and managed to win big in the end! As of today, The Help has been published in three languages and is available in 35 countries. This speaks to the quality of Stockett’s writing and the amazing characters that she has managed to manufacture. Despite being Stockett’s first, the writing is fantastic and nearly unparalleled.

The story is told from the perspectives of three women, Minny, Skeeter and Aibileen. Aibileen quickly becomes the story’s most captivating and sympathetic character. She has been thrown into a terrible situation, the death of her 24-year-old son. After a period of grieving, she takes up a career as a maid and begins caring for children. Minny, which is Aibileen’s best friend, is in a similar situation, but one that is self manufactured. She has a difficult time biting her tongue and keeping her feelings to herself. As a result, past employers have repeatedly fired her. Suffice to say, the pair make for a dynamic duo.

Whether or not you lived through these harsh times, Stockett manages to place the listener directly into the situation, by perfectly representing the period. With this aspect and the amazingly likeable characters, The Help is an emotional trip, which will leave your reeling for a significant period of time, after the audiobook has finished.

Overall Assessment

Over the years, a handful of novels have been able to tear at the reader’s heartstrings so dramatically. The Help is undoubtedly one of these. Regardless of your age, where you live or your social and financial background, you will find it very easy to connect and sympathize with the loveable characters of The Help. This is where the tale truly excels. It is a character driven story, which will drag you along for the ride and leave you wiping away your tears, once all is said and done.

The book has been adapted into a movie, which is equally amazing. And although the book is a must read, it is nearly impossible to ignore the fantastic audiobook. In some aspects, the audiobook delivers a more dynamic, impactful and heart wrenching lesson than either of the other versions. If you want to experience this tale, you would be making a mistake to ignore the audiobook! Check it out for yourself today and be sure to have the tissues on hand.

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