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The Lost World Audiobook Review

The Lost World by Michael Crichton audiobook review
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The Lost World

Written by: Michael Crichton

Narrated by: Scott Brick

Length: 15 Hours and 19 Minutes

Unabridged Audiobook

Release Date: 12-17-07

Publisher: Books on Tape

Over the years, humans throughout the world have developed a fascination with prehistoric creatures and especially dinosaurs. Many wonder what it would be like to be able to transport themselves back into prehistoric times and live alongside the dinosaurs. Michael Crichton attempted to explore the subject in his original novel, Jurassic Park. The book undoubtedly captured the world’s imagination and captivated audiences throughout the globe. Now, Crichton looks to take things one-step further, with the addition of The Lost World.

The Lost World takes place 6-years after Jurassic Park and ups the ante substantially. As a fan of the original, I was absolutely delighted to find out The Lost World was also available in audiobook form. The audiobook, which has been narrated by Scott Brick, was originally released in 2007. Does Scott Brick do justice to the book? You’ll be able to find out, by reading through my comprehensive review below.

The Narration

Over the years, the audiobook industry has become increasingly popular. There are many prolific narrators, who have managed to gain massive popularity and success. Those that have been around the block a few times will be able to agree that Scott Brick definitely falls into this category. Brick has narrated an abundance of excellent novels, including The First King of Shannara, The Pharaoh’s Secret, Jurassic Park, and In Cold Blood. Each of these novels and their accompanying audiobooks were fabulous in their own rights, but The Lost World is a tiny bit better in all aspects.

Scott has tons of experience and he has most likely see and done it all. He wasn’t afraid of tackling a massively lengthy book like The Lost World, which spans over 15 hours. During the 15 hours and 19 minutes, Scott remains steady and never losses his balance. His tone throughout is passionate, professional and serious. In this regard, he is truly a magnificent match for the book. When the situation is dire, you can truly hear it in Scott’s voice and this will help to immerse the reader into the scene and force them to feel the character’s terror.

Now, the narration isn’t flawless and does falter in one key area. Although The Lost World is a dinosaur-based tale, it has quite a few characters. The only downfall associated with Brick’s narration is the fact that his character portrayals are stagnant. Each of the characters sound precisely the same and this made it a tad bit difficult to differentiate from one to the next. Even during times of tension and excitement, Brick fails to elevate his voice, when reading the dialogue and this definitely hurts to some degree.

When it comes down to it, Scott Brick still does a good job with the novel. Although it is really hit and miss, when it comes to the dialogue, the majority of the audiobook is really enjoyable. Although it covers a span of over 15 hours, the book never gets dull and manages to carry along at a decent pace throughout, until the very end. The action, excitement and pacing help to keep the listener on the edge of the seat and encourages them to stick with it, until the very end.

Also, the unabridged audio is truly flawless. During my initial listening session, I did not experience any horrible flaws, blemishes or hiccups. The audio quality is truly superb and each word can be heard clearly, without any difficulties. Although the narration isn’t perfect, the audiobook, as a whole, comes pretty close. Overall, it is fantastic, despite a few problems with Brick’s dialogue.


Michael Crichton had much success with his Jurassic Park novel that he decided to take the story even further. The Lost World story begins 6 years after the cataclysmic Jurassic Park expedition. Ian Malcolm, a mathematician by trade, but an enthusiast never the less. Malcolm, a survivor of the Jurassic Park catastrophe is pulled toward solving the mystery behind the Lost World, which just happened to be a dinosaur hatchery.

This 430-page book is written in a manner that will pull the reader into a virtual world like no other. Michael Crichton works diligently to provide the readers with a page turning mystery that will leave them on the edge of their seat. If you have watched the movie adaptation and enjoyed it immensely, you will fall in love with the book. For those of you that do not have time to sit down and ready a book, there is the audiobook.

Richard Levine, a paleontologist agrees to team up with Malcolm for an exploration adventure that takes many twists and turns along the way. The two find themselves in an unknown world, fighting to protect the dinosaurs from the hands of the barbaric Costa Rican government authorities. Of course, the dinosaurs are unaware of their intentions are forced to protect their own.

Dr. Sarah Harding eventually joins up with the group, along with a few others that have a hidden agenda. While trying to protect the dinosaurs, things begin to go awry. Malcolm, Sarah, and the team are forced to fight for their life, but to find out the outcome, you will need to check out the book or audio version.

This is truly a gripping tale that will leave the reader begging for more. If you love the dinosaur legend, you will definitely enjoy this book. Be aware, you may find after the first chapter that you cannot put this book down.


This story is absolutely marvelous and no one could have told it better than Michael Crichton. This is not to even mention the splendid works of the narrator, Scott Brick. At the completion of this audiobook, you will definitely find yourself captivated by the theories and mysteries involving the prehistoric animals and park.

Again, if you have watched the movie, you will need to put it aside, so that you can enjoy the book version without the intermediation. I highly recommend The Lost World to anyone that enjoys science fiction and horror, with a lot of action.

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